We focus our product development on three types of solid tumors

  1. Pancreatic tumors
  2. Liver tumors
  3. Gastric tumors

Why these three?

  • Unfortunately, they are fatal in most cases within a short period of time
  • Treatment often comes with many serious side effects, greatly impacting the quality of life for patients and their loved ones
  • No cure exists to date, nor a manner to slow down progress while maintaining Quality of Life of the patient
  • The (very) expensive new and experimental drugs often offer moderate to no benefit to the patient…
  • … At unsustainable costs to society

Please read the technology page to see what we are doing different to tackle these three major unmet needs.

We will expand the range of products to include other tumor diseases as well, such as Breast-, Lung-, Bladder-, Kidney- and the very rare Adreno-Cortical Gland-tumor.