Leiden-based Dutch start-up OncoLize has closed a US$ 1.7 million first round to extend their preclinical success with a localized drug delivery system to treat Pancreatic- and Lung cancer.

The USPTO has granted the patent application valid by RCSI covering the OncoLize technology.

OncoLize has joined forces with a small but highly specialized consortium around the department of Engineered Therapeutics led byprof. dr. Jai Prakash from the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

Mike de Leeuw was invited to write an expert column in a special feature of ‘Het Financieel Dagblad’ covering a.o. oncology development in the Netherlands. You can read the column here.

OncoLize will join the Dutch trade mission to China, hosted by our Prime Minister Mark Rutte and several cabinet members. OncoLize features prominent in the Life Sciences and Health group, visiting Beijing (9-10)...

OncoLize participated in the neuro-oncology symposium held in Maastricht, NL on the evening of the 11th January 2018. Links were explained between the grade of Glioma’s, eplileptic seizures and molecular biomarkers that predict low grade...

“The award winning pitch by Oncolize clearly explained the unmet needs, the solution and the potential for patients, doctors and investors”. On the 11th & 12th of December 2017 the 11th European Venture Contest Finals...