"Treating Tumors from the Inside"

OncoLize is preparing for it's first human trials in pancreatic cancers and other aggressive tumor indications.

We localize the delivery of well-proven drugs inside or next to the tumor. This will increase tumor eradication, reduce side-effects, and keep effective treatment Triple A: Affordable and Accessible for All.


OncoLize (2017) is based in Maastricht, The Netherlands. We develop high performance oncology products for localized and slow delivery of drugs. Read more...


We use polymer-based technology that makes new formulation development simple, scalable and affordable. Read more...


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We have shown the concept to work

We have shown the concept to work in relevant animal models, we have first patents granted and in advanced national stages and we can scale-up these products at minimal costs. With our extensive experience in setting-up controlled delivery start-up’s we aim to exit at year 6.

That being said, we at OncoLize believe and practice that our products should have impact for global issues. We will make these products available for campaigns in Low- and Middle Income Countries through focused NGO-collaborations.

We just closed a first funding round of €1.6 millionand will soon start preparing for our Series A of € 8 million for the end of 2024…

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Our Team

Meet Our Team


The company was founded by Mike de Leeuw (CEO), who previously founded InGell Labs (2010), Branching Tree (2008) and DSM BioMedical (2005) and has a track record in re-structuring and re-financing other start-up’s within the controlled release/ biomedical materials space for drug delivery and cell therapy.


Mike is joined by dr.Leo de Leede (CTO), a long-time biopharmaceutical expert using polymer-enabled drug delivery in a.o. Organon/MSD – Yamanuchi/Astellas – OctoPlus/Dr.Reddy – Branching Tree/ InGell Labs.


As of April 2023 they are joined by Helena Kelly (CSO), full time professor at RCSI and the inventor of the licensed OncoLize Technology platform.


Things happening

with OncoLize and its partners

Our developments reported by the press.

20th December 2022

OncoLize has joined forces with a small but highly specialized consortium around the department of Engineered Therapeutics led by prof. dr. Jai Prakash from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Read more…

14th April 2023

Leiden-based Dutch start-up OncoLize has closed a US$ 1.7 million first round to extend their preclinical success with a localized drug delivery system to treat Pancreatic- and Lung cancer. Read more…

15th December 2022

The USPTO has granted the patent application valid by RCSI covering the OncoLize technology. This broad base patent describes the composition-of-matter and various formulations and applications essential to the oncology business Read more…

Our advanced polymer technology simplifies, scales, and ensures affordability in new formulations.


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