"Treating Tumors from the Inside"

Our mission is to improve the treatment of rare and deadly tumor diseases. We do that by localizing the drug inside the tumor, and then releasing it slowly over time. How? We use injectable drug depots. This offers patients, doctors and society major benefits...

Better Tumor Eradication

The injectable drug depot delivers up to 100-fold higher concentration of any drug than ever safely possible with other means of delivery.
And because we can tailor the slow release of the drug, the drug-pressure on the tumor can be maintained up to weeks or even months if needed...

This offers doctors new possibilities for difficult-to-treat tumors.

Improved Quality of Life

By localizing the drug inside the tumor, we need only enough to eradicate the tumor mass. And by slowly releasing the drug, we avoid toxic levels outside of the tumor, up to 1000-fold lower blood levels. This means that the rest of the body and its organs are not effected by these uniquely low levels of drugs...

That has major impact on the Quality of Life for patients and their loved ones.

Triple A: Affordable & Accessible for All

We focus our product development on well-known drugs, off-patent and fully available. That way our products are faster-to-market and much lower priced than most of the new drugs coming out.
In addition, the lack of side effects not only improves the quality of life...

Our products and approach can reduce the total cost of care and lost work days.

The OncoLize Team

We are building up our team from long-time associates, and new clinical collaborations

Mike G.W. de Leeuw

Founder and CEO

Mike is passionate about developing products to address the urgent unmet needs in some of the rare and deadly tumor diseases. First hand experiences in the larger family provide the drive. He has been working in the field of injectable drug depots for the past 13 years, starting up DSM BioMedical, followed by his own companies Branching Tree and InGell Labs.

Leo de Leede


Leo has been developing controlled release products for the past 35 years, and he has been a major contributor in the development of Implanon, NuvaRing and other modified release pharmaceutical products at Organon - Gist-Brocades - Yamanouchi/Astellas and OctoPlus. Together with Mike he has been essential in developing the InGell technology to what it is today.


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