We use polymer-based technology that makes new formulation development simple, scalable and affordable.

Our InGell technology consists of biodegradable polymers, that are safe, easy to scale-up and easy to formulate with very different types of drugs:

  • small molecule drugs, peptides, hormones, proteins and anti-bodies
  • from poorly soluble to highly soluble
  • with Molecular weights from 100D to 150kD
  • and loading from 0.01% up to 25% drug weight/volume

Our products are easily injected through thin needles or cathters in any location. Upon injection, the formulation rapidly forms a stable matrix, resulting in the localized drug depot ‘in situ – in seconds’. As the depot degrades, the stored drugs are slowly released into the surrounding tumor.

The InGell technology has been developed by Branching Tree (2008) and InGell Labs (2010), both based in the Netherlands, and it is protected by a portfolio of patents. Over the past ten years the InGell technology has been succesfully optimized for localized and slow release of drugs in very different locations and for different diseases:

  1. OsteoArthritis in the knee
  2. Diabetes from sub-cutaneous depots
  3. Lower Back Pain from inside the herniated disc
  4. Therapeutic vaccins for diffuse tumors

You can find more details on the InGell technology and on other non-oncolgy applications by InGell Labs here.

OncoLize now has full and exclusive licenses to the InGell-technology for several types of tumor diseases, and we have selected a range of suitable oncology drugs, both generic and novel. These are being formulated by OncoLize as oncology products for slow, localized delivery in solid tumors. Together with our partners we will develop a pipeline of products for some of the most deadly tumor diseases.