Investors seeking Impact and healthy returns… join us!

We will start funding OncoLize’s plans and ambitions as of December 2020. In previous start-up’s and drug delivery programs we raised and initiated over €120 million.

The planned investment period is 5 years, and we aim to exit as of year 6.

Based on our positive experiences, we welcome Informal Investors and Impact Investors to step in during the early rounds.

Interested to get in touch with us? Please use the contact form in contact-us page

We plan for two investment rounds to accelerate value and impact:

Series A of €8.5 Million. This will bring us up to three different Phase I/II trials in patients. The Scale-up of the products is ready to early commercial scale. We will have identified multiple opportunities for out-licensing the developed products to specialized Oncology marketeers. Series A is split into two value-increasing steps of € 3 Million and €5.5 Million

Series B of €27 Million. With this round we will be able to finalize registration of up to 3 products ready for market launch and licensing to specialized Oncology marketeers. In addition a product pipeline will have emerged with a selection of off-patent and novel drugs. With this investment round we secure the optimum value for an Exit.

Pioneers and other chemo delivery companies with documented exits show valuations between 100 Million to 1 Billion US$ based on older concepts.
We have clear USP’s over these for marketeers, doctors and patients.

Impact Investment. We also make sure that our products will become available for Low Income Countries. We do this through collaborations with relevant NGO’s specialized in Oncology.