Our business model is straight forward for the coming 5 years.
We invest to develop a series of products in-house.

Our products are based on a focused and versatile selection of generic Chemo-drugs. These drugs are well-established for multiple tumor indications. Beter still, they are affordable, readily available and largely free to operate within our patent-protected OCL-Platform.

Once proven valuable, we license out these products to Oncology marketeers.

With sufficient value building up in our pipeline, we expect to work towards an exit for founders and the early stage investors as of year 6.

From day 1 we will pick-up projects with paying Pharma customers. They are looking to improve the delivery of their novel drugs, including Immuno-therapy drugs. This provides non-dilutive funding for steps we need to take anyway with our own products. These customers can get a license to the OCL-platform and expanding IP and patents portfolio.

We pledge to work with NGO’s offering access and affordable solutions for endemic tumor diseases like liver-, lung- and cervical cancer in Low-Income Countries. This way we generate additional non-dilutive funding. These projects are managed separately.