OncoLize BV offers the next step in injectable drug depots for better tumor treatment.

The company was founded by Mike de Leeuw (CEO), who previously founded InGell Labs (2010), Branching Tree (2008) and DSM BioMedical (2005) and has a track record in re-structuring and re-financing other start-up’s within the controlled release/ biomedical materials space for drug delivery and cell therapy.

Mike is joined by dr. Leo de Leede (CTO), a long-time biopharmaceutical expert using polymer-enabled drug delivery in a.o. Organon/MSD – Yamanuchi/Astellas – OctoPlus/Dr.Reddy – Branching Tree/ InGell Labs.

As of April 2023 they are joined by Helena Kelly (CSO), full time professor at RCSI and the inventor of the licensed OncoLize Technology platform.

We switched to the OCL-platform, which is faster to formulate, easier to use in the clinic and far less costly to scale-up and approve (compared to our previous platform).

We have dedicated ourselves to develop products that deal with the urgent unmet needs for the ‘rare and deadly tumor diseases’.


  • Because we have seen too much suffering within our families, friends and colleagues.
  • Because little progress has been made for aggressive Pancreatic-,¬† Lung-, Liver-, Brain-tumors and various other less frequent occurring¬† solid tumors.
  • Because most new developments for these diseases come out very expensive, marginally effective if at all, and certainly not accessible for all.

We believe that everybody should have access to the best possible care for these aggressive tumor diseases.

We are certain that this can be done by localizing generic drugs and novel drugs alike, with much better effect, far less side-effects, and at much lower costs to the national healthcare systems.