OncoLize (2017) is based in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

We develop high performance oncology products for localized and slow delivery of drugs, making our products:

  1. Much better at eradicating the tumor

  2. …with far less side-effects

  3. … and triple A: Accessible and Affordable for All

Our injectable drug depots are simple to use, effective, safe and affordable.

We are currently preparing advanced formulations for First-in-Human trials using a selection of well-known Chemo-drugs. This is based on preliminary PDX-mice studies with human Lung- and Pancreatic tumor grafts. These aggressive tumors were halted in their growth and reversed towards eradication of the tumor mass… even without the support of an intact immune system, which human patients normally do have!

Standard-of-care, generic Chemo was combined with the novel OCL-platform and injected intra-tumor but at much lower quantities than systemic dosing would dictate. No adverse reactions, neither locally or systemically were found.

What we have accomplished in other applications with our local drug delivery depots:

  1. the level of the drug inside the target tissue is 10 to 100x higher than ever could be achieved through pills, transdermal patches or injections into blood veins;
  2. the level of drug outside the target tissue is up to 1000x lower than inside the target tissue, often not measurable anymore within a day, while locally present for weeks on end if we so choose to;
  3. The required total drug-load was up to 300x less than via the other routes of administration.

We have recently upgraded our injectable depot platform to the novel OCL-technology, which is i) faster to formulate and with a broader range of different types of drugs, ii) easier to use and to scale-up; iii) faster to obtain approvals with; and iv) less expensive towards advanced clinical trial development… compared to our previous platform InGell.

Surgeons and oncologists can inject these products straight into the tumor using standard-of-care guided catheters or long, thin needles.

Over time, the depot slowly dissolves, releasing the drug inside the tumor and keeping it there in sufficiently high concentrations… where it should be!

“Localizing and sustaining the presence of the drug inside the tumor offers unprecedented opportunities to boost tumor-eradication.

At the same time this approach avoids toxicity and greatly reduces side-effects.

All in all it will give better results for the patient, more treatment options for doctors, and it will lower the total cost of care”.